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Welcome To Legacy Realty Professionals, Inc.

Legacy Realty Professionals, Inc is about integrity, with a commitment to the highest standards in marketing and representation.

You may feel like the only differences from one real estate company to the next are the colors on the sign and the name on their door. However, there are important reasons to take a closer look . Whether you are planning on buying or selling real estate, our company offers a unique approach that will save you money and give you peace of mind .

Most Other Companies in our Area Charge You to Work with Them!

Thats right! In addition to the commission they charge the seller for selling their home, they charge the buyer and seller between $200 to $500 just for the privilege of working with them. With Legacy, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are not being overcharged while still working with one of the only growing real estate companies in the region.

Many companies charge unnecessary fees, refer you to people who give them kick-backs, and offer no guaranty. We believe you should expect more!

At Legacy, you get more... with no additional fees, no conflict of interest, and a written guaranty.

At every step of developing our company, we asked ourselves; what would be best for the customer? This guiding principal helped us to build a better real estate company. From the sign we place in front of your home, to the marketing we employ, and the business policies we follow in your interest, we are working to be exceptional… for you.

Legacy Realty Professionals, Inc.

A Better Company, A Better Way

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